Welcome to my garage company!

This engineering firm is operated besides my regular job.

Since 1997 it my pleasure to spend spare time for finding economical solutions for technical problems in different industries.

Digital image acquisition and analysis became a speciality of my firm from 1998 on.

Motion control solutions and data acquisition systems contribute to a successful story.

This website doesn't show a list of references, as almost all projects are subject to NDA.

Special solutions were developed for:
- human genomic research
- academic research (aeronautics and space)
- wire drawing
- nuclear research
- diamond tool manufacturing

E-Mail [ dr.list@comlist.de ], phone [+49-151-17859713 ],  Fax [+49-33701-266806].
The first image analysis project for a genomic research institute
Sample application
Empty well detection system (1999)

Fields of expertise:

  • Test and measuring solutions based on digital imaging
  • Software for data acquisition
  • Software for measuring devices 
  • PC based test stands
  • complete solutions (lighting, optics, image acquisition, image analysis, motion control etc.)
  • technical studies
Ingenieurbüro Dr.List | dr.list@comlist.de